• Brand Name: ATOMSTACK
  • Model Number: Engraving Module Head
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • CE Certification: Yes
  • Certification: CE

Laser Module 40W Electric Power 5‑5.5W Optical Power Compression Spot Engraving Cutting Head


1. LASER MODULE: The electric power of the laser module is 40W, and the optical power is 5‑5.5W, which can be used for laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, CNC, DIY laser, etc.
2. EYE PROTECTION: Equipped with laser shields to protect the user eyes, no need to wear additional protective glasses, and to prevent pets from grabbing the laser spot.
3. ALUMINUM ALLOY: Using aluminum alloy material, light weight and corrosion resistance, aluminum TTL driver board with cooling fan, to ensure continuous long term work.
4. LASER FOCUS: Using the upgraded fixed focus laser, no need to focus operation, 0.23×0.23mm ultra thin laser focus makes engraving more powerful and precise.
5. APPLICABLE MATERIALS: Can be used to engrave wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather and PCB boards, etc., can cut non woven, veneer, acrylic and other thin plastic boards.


Item Type: Laser Module
Laser Power: 40W
Optical Power: 5-5.5W
Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS
Wavelength: 450nm
Spot Shape: Spot, adjustable focus (compressed spot technology)
Input Voltage: 12V 2A
Fan Voltage: 12V
Working Temperature: 0℃-70℃
Service Life: 10000H
Interface Parameters: Support TTL power signal control
Engravable Materials: Wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, non reflective plating and lacquered metal, blackening utility knife, etc.
Cuttable Materials: Cardboard, non woven fabric, veneer, acrylic, some thin plastic sheets, etc.

Package List:

1 x Laser Module

3 x Accessories


1. The laser emitted by the module is likely to hurt people eyes, so do not look directly at its end face and wear proper safety glasses to prevent laser irradiation when it is working.
2. The laser module requires a suitable laser driver (PCB). When the laser module is connected to the power supply, please set the output voltage to zero. The adjustment of the current should be increased or decreased slowly so as not to damage the equipment.
3. Keep the equipment working or stored in a dry environment. The dustproof level exceeds 10,000 to prevent the dust inside the lens from affecting the shape of the laser spot.
4. Working at high temperature will increase the threshold current, reduce the conversion efficiency and accelerate the aging of the device.
5. When the output power is higher than the specific parameters of its operation, the aging of the equipment will be accelerated.
6. When the working temperature of the laser diode exceeds 70 degrees, please do a good job of heating to dissipate it.
7. This laser module is an electrostatic sensitive device. Be sure to ground yourself or wear an anti static wrist strap before taking.

How to use:Install and use directly


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