• Brand: other/other
  • Model: V1NZ1_1645824581628
  • Function: dustproof
  • material: plastic
  • style: simple
  • shape: rectangle
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Popular elements: solid color
  • Applicable space: bedroom
  • Color classification: Small size white Medium white Large white Small size gray Medium gray Large gray Small beige Medium beige Large beige Large mixed color [3 Large white [3 sets] Large beige [3 packa Large gray [3 packag Medium mixed color [ Medium white [3 sets Medium beige [3 sets Trumpet mixed color Small white [3 sets] Small gray [3 packag Large + medium + sma Large + medium + sma1 Large + medium + sma2 Medium gray [3 packa
  • Whether it can be customized: no
  • Layers: single layer
  • Applicable object: sundries
  • Applicable people: the public
  • Whether manual: no

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Color Classification

Large + medium + sma, Large + medium + sma1, Large + medium + sma2, Large beige, Large beige [3 packa, Large gray, Large gray [3 packag, Large mixed color [3, Large white, Large white [3 sets], Medium beige, Medium beige [3 sets, Medium gray, Medium gray [3 packa, Medium mixed color [, Medium white, Medium white [3 sets, Small beige, Small gray [3 packag, Small size gray, Small size white, Small white [3 sets], Trumpet mixed color, 小号米色 【3个装】


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