• Brand Name: CRESSI
  • Origin: IT(Origin)
  • Model Number: Palau SAF short snorkeling fin
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Age: Adult
  • Name: Palau SAF short snorkeling fin
  • Available colors: Blue,yellow,pink
  • Size range: EU size 35 to 47
  • Suitable for: Swim and Snorkeling
  • Style of blade: Short blade
  • Style of foot pocket: Below Blade Foot Pocket
  • Fin type: Open-heel Adjustable Fin
  • Material of foot pocket: Soft rubber
  • Technical Features: Ideal for Travel

Cressi Palau SAF Snorkeling Fins

Palau SAF (Short Adjustable Fin) are very special fins, designed for swimming and snorkelling, but above all for all those who practise water sports and that only need the fins in particular situations.

For example for those who practise all kinds of surfing and windsurfing, rafting, canoeing etc. and also for those who practise their favourite sports offshore.

Palau SAF has a very soft, short blade and a foot pocket that allows it to be put on in seconds, even when in the water.


Multi-sized fins, ideal for sharing among family and friends or for rental departments. Designed for snorkeling, scuba diving, long swims.

The foot pocket has been designed to accommodate at least 3-4 consecutive sizes and allow the fin to be worn over thin footwear.

Responsive Blade

Short lightweight and responsive blade. Easy-kicking blade responds well to any kicking style.
Blade extends from the top of the foot pocket for maximum surface area and to increase the propulsion force.
Fins stays in place against your foot despite the increase in hydro static pressure.


The strap has a strong ring on the upper part to allow reversal of the strap itself or to fix the fins to the body or the equipment.

Brand Story

Cressi headquarter in Italy

Cressi was founded in 1946 as a diving company rich in innovation, product design, development and manufacturing .An entirely family owned and operated Italian brand ,Cressi was one of the first company to produce items such as the diving mask with dedicated nose pocket, and the adjustable open heel fins. Currently, Cressi created four subdivisions like Diving, Spear Fishing, Snorkeling and Swimming that are to fulfill the needs of one of the most demanding clients .The passion that stimulated the owners to start the company is still present and combined with one of the most advanced technology results in best and reliable products!


Black-Pink, black-yellow, BLUE-AZURE


L-XL(44-47), M-L(41-44), S-M(38-41), XS-S(35-38)


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