• CCC certificate number:  2016010718878820
  • Brand: other/other
  • Model: MT-15
  • Multi-function rice cooker: cooking rice, water-free, oil-free stew, meat, stew, miscellaneous grains
  • Liner material: aluminum alloy
  • Capacity: Below 3L
  • Power: below 600W
  • shape: square
  • After-sales service: store three guarantees
  • Applicable people: 1-2 people
  • Color Classification: 1.2L Ordinary White 1.2L Ordinary Powder 1.2L Standard White + Steaming Dish 1.2L Standard Pink + Steaming Dish 1.2L White Standard 1.2L White Upgrade 1.2L Green Upgrade 1.2L White Smart Model 1.2L White Smart Model +Steaming dish soup spoon 1.2L standard powder 1.2L standard white 1.2L luxury powder 1.2L luxury pink 1.8L green upgrade model 1.8L green upgrade smart model 1.2L black and white luxury model 1.2L dark green luxury model 1.2L red luxury model 1.6L red Luxury 1.6L Dark Green Luxury 2L Black and White Luxury 2L Dark Green Luxury 2L Red Luxury
  • LCD display: no
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: No Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Control method: mechanical
  • Heating method: chassis heating
  • Place of purchase: Mainland China



标准版 :机器+饭勺+蒸盘+水量杯







海外,港 澳 台不发货 ,转运的我们也只负责大陆地址保修,特此声明


Color Classification

1.2L Black and White Luxury, 1.2L Dark Green Deluxe, 1.2L Green Upgrade, 1.2L luxury pink, 1.2L luxury powder, 1.2L ordinary powder, 1.2L ordinary white, 1.2L Red Luxury, 1.2L Standard Pink Steaming Dish, 1.2L standard powder, 1.2L Standard White, 1.2L Standard White Steaming Dish, 1.2L White Smart Model, 1.2L White Smart Model Steaming Dish Soup Spoon, 1.2L white standard, 1.2L White Upgrade, 1.6L Red Luxury, 1.8L Green Upgrade, 1.8L Green Upgrade Smart Model, 2L Black and White Luxury, 2L dark green luxury, 2L Red Luxury


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