• Brand: Youming
  • Color classification: KA ground meat pass KA ground meat pass + meat pie tool KA ground meat pass + tomato machine ground meat pass + meat pie tool + juicer KA juicer accessories black tip KA juicer accessories white round head healthy noodle set 1 Healthy noodle set 2 ka pressed noodle set of 3 pieces ka pressed noodle 3 in 1 KA pressed noodle 2 in 1 (slice + thin) KA pressed sheet KA pressed fine noodle KA pressed thick noodle KA pressed sheet + pressed thin ka pressed sheet+ Coarse ka coarse + fine) ka new vegetable cutter ka new vegetable cutter + pressing surface 3-piece set ka vegetable cutter ka twist orange device ka new vegetable cutter + minced meat pass
  • Item number: jrt01
Color Classification

Ground meat pass Meatloaf tool Juicer, Healthy Noodle Set 1, Healthy Noodle Set 2, KA ground meat pass, ka is thick and thin), KA Juicing Accessories Black Tip, KA Juicing Accessories White Round Head, KA Minced Meat Tong Meatloaf Tool, KA Minced Pork Tomato Maker, ka new vegetable cutter, ka new vegetable cutter, ground meat pass, ka new vegetable cutter, pressing noodle set of 3, KA pressed noodles, KA pressed rough noodles, KA pressing surface 2 in 1 (thin sheet), ka pressure surface 3 in 1, ka pressure surface 3-piece set, KA tablet, ka tablet pressing, KA tableting, ka twist orange, ka vegetable cutter


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