• Fabric: Composite Fabrics
  • Appearance: Modern
  • Appearance: Scandinavia
  • Appearance: Modern Morocco
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Sofa Width: <2000mm
  • Material: wood
  • Wood material: oak
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • style: Modern simplicity
  • filler: Sponge
  • additional function: Movable
  • Applicable object: adult
  • Fabric finishing process: Pull buckle
  • Hardness of filler: Soft
  • Style orientation: Artistic style

Comfortable support, easy decompression
Golden ratio and ergonomic control arc/multi-angle care
Soft filling, enjoy star-like sitting feeling
The inner filling is comfortable and high sponge/soft and fluffy, and the rebound wraps
Metal support frame, stable and load-bearing
Not only beautiful and classy, but also stable and durable
Simple lines are more artistic
The combination of lines and lines / simple but not monotonous
Imported high density sponge
Equipped with carbon steel variable resistance serpentine spring, high load-bearing, moderate hardness, high resilience and not easy to collapse.
New wash-free tech fabric
Waterproof, oil-proof, stain-proof and easy to clean


117X60X70CM, 117X60X70CM-173, 117X60X70CM-175, 117X60X70CM-193, 117X60X70CM-200000195, 117X60X70CM-200006154, 117X60X70CM-200006155, 117X60X70CM-200141872, 117X60X70CM-200143091, 117X60X70CM-200844060, 117X60X70CM-200844061, 117X60X70CM-365458, 130X60X70CM, 130X60X70CM-10, 130X60X70CM-100013777, 130X60X70CM-1063, 130X60X70CM-1254, 130X60X70CM-200005536, 130X60X70CM-200844062, 130X60X70CM-29, 130X60X70CM-365016, 130X60X70CM-366, 130X60X70CM-496, 130X60X70CM-618, 150X60X70CM, 150X60X70CM-1052, 150X60X70CM-200001438, 150X60X70CM-200002130, 150X60X70CM-200004870, 150X60X70CM-200004890, 150X60X70CM-200004891, 150X60X70CM-200013902, 150X60X70CM-201450919, 150X60X70CM-350850, 150X60X70CM-350852, 150X60X70CM-691


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