• Brand: MAC/Charm
  • Pre-makeup milk single product: Pre-makeup essential oil
  • Origin: United States
  • Color classification: On the way, Essential Oils pre-makeup essential oil is an unpopular but very useful thing! It’s a makeup artist’s little secret~ The girl paper of Aiyi card powder for dry skin is going to be sent in 3-5 weeks, and I can wait and shoot again! Unpopular series, let’s try not to run orders, okay?
  • Whether sunscreen: no
  • Efficacy: Moisturizing and repairing before makeup
  • Specification Type: Normal Specification
  • Is it a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Color Classification

3-5 weeks on the way, can wait to shoot again!, Dry skin love easy card powder sister paper, It's the makeup artist's little secret~, On the go, Essential Oils primer, This is an unpopular but extremely useful thing!, Unpopular series, let's try not to run orders, okay?


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