• Brand: other
  • Material: PVC
  • style: retro nostalgic
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Province: Shanghai
  • City: Shanghai
  • Applicable space: study
  • Color classification: Nostalgic-iron tower [60cm wide X5 meters] Nostalgic-newspaper [60cm wide X5 meters] America-flag [60cm wide X5 meters] Gray-English bricks [60cm wide X5 meters] Powder-English bricks [60cm wide X5 meters] Blue-English brick [60cm wide X5 meters] Phnom Penh-stripes [60cm wide X5 meters] Mediterranean wood grain [60cm wide X5 meters] Rose red wood grain [60cm wide X5 meters]
  • Number of pieces: other/other
  • Size/Processing: Large
  • Item number: C2C28D060
  • Valuation Unit: Meters
  • Wall sticker style: three-dimensional wall sticker
  • Wall sticker type: waterproof wall sticker

2022/8/1/星期一 15:22:52

Color Classification

Blue-English brick [60cm wide X5 meters], Gray-English brick [60cm wide X5 meters], Mediterranean wood grain [60cm wide X5 meters], Nostalgia – Iron Tower [60cm wide X5 meters], Nostalgia – Newspaper [60cm wide X5 meters], Phnom Penh – Stripes [60cm wide X5 meters], Powder-English brick [60cm wide X5 meters], Rose red wood grain [60cm wide X5 meters], United States-Flag [60cm wide X5 meters]




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