• Brand Name: WLtoys
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: Metal
  • Material: Plastic
  • Torque: as description
  • Model Number: 124017
  • Design: Cars
  • Features: Remote Control
  • Controller Mode: MODE2
  • Recommend Age: 4-6y
  • Recommend Age: 7-12y
  • Recommend Age: 12+y
  • Recommend Age: 18+
  • Certification: CE
  • CE: Type
  • Type Number: 124019
  • Power: 550 brushless motor
  • Dimensions: About 45.6*22.7*14.1 cm
  • Charging Voltage: 7.4V
  • Remote Distance: About 100m
  • Warning: Please read manual before use
  • Type: Car
  • Control Channels: 4 Channels
  • Package Includes: Original Box
  • Package Includes: Batteries
  • Package Includes: Operating Instructions
  • Package Includes: Charger
  • Package Includes: Remote Controller
  • Package Includes: USB Cable
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Scale: 1:12
  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

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Please read the description before buying:
1. This is not a toy, it's fully hobby grade rc, blasting!!! Please use the rc car in open areas to avoid bumping into obstacles.

2. The retail package is made of foam boxes in order to avoid product damage during transportation. Original boxes are not included.

The model parameters are as follows:
Note: Please note to distinguish the model before purchasing the order.

144010 (Scale 1/14)
Size:31*20.5*11 / 1:14
Maximum speed:75KM/H
Battery:7.4V 1500mAh
Driving motor:Brushless Motor magnet motor
Working time:8Mins
Metal bottom:Yes

Upgrade available? Yes, please refer to our endurance package available

124017 V2 (Scale 1/12)
Size:45.6*22.7*14.1 / 1:12
Maximum speed:75KM/H
Battery:7.4V 2200mAh
Driving motor:Brushless Motor magnet motor
Working time:9Mins
Metal bottom:Yes

124016 V2 (Scale 1/12)
Size:35.6*20.8*12.3 / 1:12
Maximum speed:75KM/H
Battery:7.4V 2200mAh
Driving motor:Brushless Motor
Working time:9Mins
Metal bottom:Yes

124018 (Scale 1/12)
Size:35.6*20.8*12.3CM / 1:12
Maximum speed:55KM/H
Battery:7.4V 2200mAh
Driving motor:550 Carbon Brush strong magnet motor
Working time:9Mins
Metal bottom:Yes

124019 (Scale 1/12)
Size:35.6*20.8*11CM / 1:12
Maximum speed:55KM/H
Battery:7.4V 2200mAh
Driving motor:550 Carbon Brush strong magnet motor
Working time:9Mins
Metal bottom:Yes

Wltoys RC Car Q&A:

Q: Why are the tires of the remote control car toe out?
A:【Specially Design】Toe out will strong grip, easy to drift, which helps to improve the stability of the car body and the grip of the tires when turning.

Q: How to adjust the tire tilt of the remote control car?
A: Adjustable through the turned Fine-tune and Throttle trim buttons of the remote control

Q: Why does the remote control car have slight scratches?
A: 1.The chassis of the remote control car is brushed metal texture, there will be slight scratches during transportation, which will not affect the use of the product.
2.There is a protective film on the protective cover of the remote control car, just tear off the protective film.

Please note when using the battery:

1. When the battery runs out, try to charge it in time to make sure the battery has the remaining power.If the battery is completely empty, it will not charge
2. Disconnect from the remote control car while charging.You need to take the battery out and charge it separately
3. If you do not use the remote control car, please disconnect the battery from the wire of the remote control car, do not connect, and fully charge the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery


Wltoys 144010 (75KM/H Brushless Motor)

1 :14 75KM/H Brushless Motor High Speed Electric 4WD Racing Car

WLTOYS 124017

75KM/H Top Speed: Use super Brushless Motor magnet motor, electric energy converted into power maximizely, 4 wheels drive for racing car can provide strong power torque significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves. Born to be champion.
Powerful Battery Capacity: 7.4V Lithium battery discharge current 30A. Long working time to perfectly complete a racing game.
2.4GHz Radio System with anti-jamming capability allows to race at the same time in the same track. 100 meter control distance, racing freely.
High quality strong stability material: Metal parts, high-strength Aluminum alloy frame, Zinc alloy gears strong stability and long service life, DIY upgraded.
Specially use hardware oil pressure shock absorber, much accurate and precise to perfectly absorb shock. Fast, affordable fun, excitement in water, mud and snow!
Any problem, please contact us without hesitation. Honor to serve you!

Wltoys 124017 V2 (75KM/H Brushless Motor)

1 :12 75KM/H Brushless Motor High Speed Electric 4WD Racing Car


Wltoys 124018(55KM/H Brush Motor)

1 :12 55KM/H Brush Motor High Speed Electric 4WD Racing Car


Product Picture


Wltoys 124019(55KM/H Brush Motor)

1 :12 55KM/H Brush Motor High Speed Electric 4WD Racing Car



124016V2-1B2200, 124016V2-2B2200, 124016V2-2B2200BS, 124016V2-2B2200S, 124016V2-2B3600, 124016V2-2B3600BS, 124016V2-2B3600S, 124017V2-1B2200, 124017V2-2B2200, 124017V2-2B2200BS, 124017V2-2B2200S, 124017V2-2B3600, 124017V2-2B3600BS, 124017V2-2B3600S, 124018-2B3600, 124018-B1, 124019-2B3600, 124019-B1, 144001 BLUE-2B3600, 144001 BLUE-B1, 144001 BLUE-B2, 144001 RED-2B3600, 144001 RED-B1, 144001 RED-B2, 144010-1B1500, 144010-2B2200, 144010-2B2200BS, 144010-2B2200S, 144010-2B3600, 144010-2B3600BS, 144010-2B3600S


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